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My Vision

Safer & Stronger Neighborhoods

I will fight to strengthen youth programs, reform our criminal justice system, and create pathways for offenders who want to reintegrate into society.

Educational Equality

I will invest in out-of-school learning opportunities to help foster young professionals and better prepare them for life.

A REAL Democracy for All

I will advocate for a more inclusive government where everyone can easily access their right to vote and participate in our democracy.

Economic Justice for Working Families

I will protect workers’ rights through paid sick leave, strengthen job training programs, and foster economic growth by supporting incubators and small businesses.

About Fue


  2. I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. Before I was even a year old, my family immigrated to the United States in 1992. My family and I settled in the Minneapolis Hollman public housing projects until it was demolished -- displacing many low-income families, including mine. We eventually moved to the Harrison neighborhood where I grew up and this past November purchased our first home in the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood through the Community Land Trust program. In a city where half of its residents are renters and in a district where many rely on public assistance, I know first-hand the issues and will bring this experience to the legislature to ensure as a state we are truly invested in our diverse communities. It is with this life experience that inspires me to be in public service. I want to play a role in ensuring that one day, many more first generation Americans get a chance to realize the American dream of sending their kid to college or buying their first home.


  4. My passion started early on as a Carleton College student when I had the opportunity to work with Congressman Keith Ellison and his office on housing issues. I worked directly with homeowners facing foreclosures or struggling with homelessness by assisting them with loan modifications, and finding safe, affordable housing. After receiving my liberal arts degree, I worked at the Minnesota House of Representatives with DFL legislators to fight for all Minnesotans. As a legislative staff, I organized the Hmong and Lao community with Representative John Lesch to secure funds for the Hmong-Lao memorial recognizing our community's military service during the Vietnam War. Many Americans still do not know the sheer amount of sacrifice that the Hmong community made alongside our American soldiers in the Laotian theater of war as part of the Vietnam War. In addition, we helped pass the APRN legislation to make healthcare more accessible for underrepresented communities, and enact Steve's Law, bringing law enforcement and the community together to provide immunity to those who call 911 in good faith. Furthermore, I supported Representative Carly Melin's legislative policy, the Women's Economic Security Act to promote equal pay for equal work, strengthen workplace protections for women -- including pregnant women and new mothers -- and help women learn skills in high-wage jobs where women are underrepresented.